inno330’s "Chinese New Year Flash Fair”

New Life’s social enterprise inno330 held a "Chinese New Year Flash Fair” at the InnoPort in CUHK. The Fair was joined by multiple units from New Life, including Chuk Yuen Integrated Work Centre, rwb330, gift330, eFIT Psychoeducation Program, and dayday330 x newlife.330 on 16 January 2022. The event also gathered various booths operated by CUHK’s alumni selling original handicrafts and cuisine, as well as self-designed sweaters and accessories. The stalls included Wingel Bagel、、Rhapsody.jh、clozyhk、From A to B、 Rawcraft Handmade, and CUHK’s Wildlife and Animal Caring Society.

Another highlight of the event was the drip coffee workshop that offered participants the experience of making and tasting their own coffee, and enjoy a relaxing time in about 20 minutes.