Christmas 330 Bizaar at so330

New Life’s social enterprise so330 organised its first bazaar on 10 December to offer participants a relaxing and shopping occasion.

Themed "330”, the bazaar gathered other social enterprise brands such as farmfresh330 and rbw330. There were also booths promoting the dayday330 charter and offering the selfemotion test, provided by New Life’s eFIT Psychoeducation Programme for participants to understand their mental health status better.

Other highlights at the bazaar included various special workshops, such as the Christmas card DIY workshop and "Demon within Avocado”, a workshop upcycling avocado seed into one-ofa-kind accessories. The pour-over coffee workshop and coffee grounds scrubbing workshop were also among the most attractive spots at the bazaar. The event offered a fulfilling weekend to the visitors, both spiritually and materially.