The Black-faced Daddy

It was a night several years ago after I finished work and arrived home when my elder daughter asked, "Are you unhappy, daddy?”, and my little girl worried about my "black face”. I was so curious and replied, "Daddy is so happy to see you two, why would I be unhappy?”

However, at the same time I could not help but asking myself why the blacked-faced character was not played by the mother who was responsible to take care of two girls and be strict to them in many occasions? I, in my own impression, was playing the role of a Santa Clause who accomplished most of their wishes. Therefore, I should not be related to "black face”.

The word of two little girls kept hoovering over in my head. Putting aside my bag, I was looking at the mirror covered mostly by steam generated by the hot water I used to wash my face. I realized my dull face which reminded me of Batman with his mask on. No wonder it scared my two beloved daughters. I still remembered my first job after graduation in the Boy’s Home where I had to face problematic boys with different issues and put on serious and strict expression with little smile. As time passes, the Batman mask was hung there.

The care and regard from my two little girls made me reconsider how much my work was influencing my life. As facial expression is the direct reflection of emotion and pressure suffering, did I unconsciously bring home stress from work that worries my families? ” From then on, I kept reminding myself to properly handle pressure, fatigue and unhappiness every day before finishing work, and go home with ease and joy to receive care from those two little angels await at the door and answer questions, such as "What makes you so happy , Daddy? Did you hit the lottery?”, or "Tell me Daddy, what behind that smile?

Family life with smile and laughter would never be too bad.