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Item No.: amm00036

bearwhiteblue Cloth Bag (Bear Mother and Child)

"rwb330 x amm" is the first crossover brand between anothermountainman and Social Enterprise.

Using classic red-white-blue materials with creative design, the crossover brand themed on "Positive Hong Kong", echoing the fortitude, adaptability and industriousness of Hong Kong people.

Positive Hong Kong
Perseverant people, start from scratch.
Aspirants, become even bluer than indigo plant.
Fair-minded people, see things black and white.
Positive-minded people, see the blue sky
And white clouds.
Positive Hong Kong
redwhiteblue, bearwhiteblue

Size:  (W)38cm (H) 66cm (D) 9cm

2 Styles:

1. Horizontal rwb stripes (H)

2. rwb checkers (C)

Your patronage in farmfresh330 not only brings you good health, but also helps bring new life to people in recovery of mental illness. Thank you for your Bright Buy.