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Item No.: HF002829

Sunplan (Organic Cold Pressed Extra Virgin) Camellia Oil 500ml

*Sunplan® Camellia Oil is extracted from Camellia tea seeds through a highly refined process whereby only the first generation of cold-pressed oils are used to ensure the highest quality product available.Sunplan® Camellia Oil is certified organic and recognized for responsible farming and sustainable agriculture and forestry practices.

*Sunplan® Camellia Oil is 100% free from pesticides, heavy metals, aflatoxin, erucic acid, cholesterol, salicin, trans fat and other additives.

Health Benefits & Effect:

-Sunplan® Camellia Oil offers tremendous health benefits including the ability to lower LDL cholesterol and harmful triglycerides making it a heart healthy oil.

-Additional benefits associated with Camellia oil include:

-management of hypertension, blood glucose, and blood lipids, improved digestion

-prevent and improves early symptoms of Osteoporosis

-reduces joint inflammation

-protects against some cancers

-boosts immunity

*Origin: China

*Suitable for vegetarians

Ingredients: Organic Camellia Tea Seed Oil

Certificate:  USDA Organic Certificate, APVU Certified Vegan 亞太蔬食認證, Non-GMO, 香港保健食品協會 (HKHFA) etc.

Award: LOHAS Award 2019 「The Best Cooking Oil 最佳天然食用油」

High Smoking Point:  涼拌至煎炸均宜 Salad Dressing to Deep Fry (over 250C)

Volume:  500ml in glass bottle

Gross weight:  11.7 kg

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