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Item No.: OF002496

"Origin" Organic Thick Rolled Oat

*Rich in dietary fibre, good for digestive system and helps lower the cholesterol level.

*Cooking method: Add 6-8 spoons of oat into boiling water and stir it. Can add milk, dried fruit or other ingredients as you like.

*Ingredients: Organic rolled oat

·  Non genetically modified

·  No chemical used

·  Environmental-friendly produced

*Country of Origin: UK

*Packed by: New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (Shek Pai Wan Integrated Work Centre)

*Please keep in a cool dry place

*Expiry date (from the packed date): 21-24 months

*Suitable for vegetarians

Your patronage in farmfresh330 not only brings you good health, but also helps bring new life to people in recovery of mental illness. Thank you for your Bright Buy.