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Item No.: HF002269

Shukee Bean Curd Sheet

Shukee is more than sixty years of history, founded in 1942 by Mr. Kong Shukee own plant, all dried yuba are free of preservatives, hand picked the best daily dried bean for sale to customers. In the seventies,Shukee pioneered the use of wood bran as a fuel for the production of dried bean curd, which has caused the disappearance of odor in the past caused by the burning of firewood and straw. Selling a wide range of styles: fresh branches bamboo, fresh skins, branches bamboo, flat bamboo Phyllostachys husks bamboo skin husks geese to the bell-shaped root everything

*Weight: 170g

*Edible Period: 2 days

*Origin: China

*Suitable for vegetarians

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