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Item No.: gift0007

Beeswax Wrap

A natural alternative little thing to make your first step for going plastic-free.

What’s in the set: 

1 x Strawberry Beeswax Wrap (S)

1 x Mushroom Beeswax Wrap (M)

1 x Pepper & Eggplant Beeswax Wrap (L)

1 x Information Card


S - 20cm (W) x 20cm (H); 

Ideal for cups, bowls and sectioned fruits and vegetables.

M -  28cm (W) x 28cm (H); 

Ideal for bowls, plates and food like bread and sandwiches.

L - 33cm (W) x 33cm (H); 

Ideal for large plates, large portions of vegetables and fruit like watermelon. Or alternatively fold into a pocket or small bowl to store food. 


A reusable and cleanable alternative to cling films for six months or more.

It is not recommended for use with raw meats.

Only suitable for items below 50 °C and do not reheat.

gift330 - gift a moment
Art can be an enlightening experience. It can also be found in every detail of our life. By learning to relish the taste of life, everyone can be an artist.

In 2020, the New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association brings the artworks from people in recovery(PIR) to the world through the gift330 project. Themed with ‘eat’, ‘travel’ and ‘living’, PIR’s art pieces are transformed to lifestyle products and their creativity are being connected with our society and lives.

The gift330 project has multiple meanings. ‘Gift’ also means ‘present’ and ‘talent’ in English. Therefore, gift330 is more than just a present. It also represents the unique talent of every PIR. ‘Present’ is not only a synonym of ‘gift’, but it also means ‘this moment of being’.

gift330 precisely expresses the Association’s work in promoting mental health. Everyone can focus on the present moment, enjoy the details of life, and take good care of our ‘330’ –body, mind and spirit.

gift330 is for both PIR and general public to participate together. Through these products, the general public could discover the talent and efforts of the PIR and enjoy the moment of being as they use them. Let yourself find beauty in life.

Design Concept
All paintings from our members are art works which should be in every part of our lives. Themed with ‘eat’, ‘travel’ and ‘live’, gift330 project is all about our daily live.

We incorporated unique visual elements into some of the “eat” series tableware. You could discover the complete picture from a certain angle in which it echoes with the relationship between our spirit and the present moment and also reminds us to enjoy this moment of being. We applied the dark line around the edge of the tableware set for showcasing the text ‘0’ from the project name. –We invite you all to enjoy the present moment while eating alone or with loved ones.

Your patronage in farmfresh330 not only brings you good health, but also helps bring new life to people in recovery of mental illness. Thank you for your Bright Buy.