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Item No.: OF002759

Auga Organic Wholegrain Oatmeal Porridge With Wild Berries


This product is made from organic oats grown in our fields. We grow them naturally, without depleting the soil, using innovative technologies and strictly avoiding any chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

AUGA organic instant oatmeal porridge with fruits and berries is high fiber, dairy free and has no added sugar. Packed in a 95% plant based cup for your convenience. Just pour boiling water into a cup up to the filling line, steer well, let it sit for 3 minutes with the lid closed and enjoy your meal!


Wholegrain oats*, date powder*, raspberries*, blueberries*, cranberries*.

*Organic products

How to

Pour boiling water up to the line (180ml), stir well and leave it for 3 minutes before eating.

*Country of origin: Italy

*EU certified organic

*Suitable for vegetarians

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