A Cup of Coffee that Has Much More Than a Mere Beverage

Instead of a simple embellishment in our daily life, a cup of mellow coffee can certainly be much more meaningful and impactful. so330, a social enterprise restaurant operated by the New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (New Life), launched the Inclusive Coffee Academy Training Programme, offering barista skills training to people with disabilities and the underprivileged. The programme aims to help the participants open a new chapter of their life by nurturing their barista skills and interest in this field.

Chun’s Story

A wheelchair becomes Chun’s travel companion after an unfortunate accident to him in 2020. This frustrated him as it was hard for him to accept this brutal fact and get used to all the changes in daily life. Chun was then referred by his social worker to join the inclusive Coffee Academy Training Programme held by so330, despite knowing nothing about coffee.

Chun was recommended to a three-month internship at so330 because of his outstanding performance in the foundation training. Apart from the daily duties at the cafe, he also had the "supplementary classes” by watching the barista videos online to enhance his skill of latte art.

"It’s delightful working at so330. We have mutual respect between colleagues and they don’t treat me differently because of my physical differences.” - Chun

Chun has become a barista at so330, who has no trouble making advanced latte art such as the shape of Swan or Phoenix. Through refining his barista skills, Chun regained the passion in life and found himself reintegrated into the society.

"Never give up, and don’t hide yourself from others. You need to tell yourself, loud and clear, that there is nothing you cannot achieve.”- Chun

A Barista Skills Training Programme Specifically for the Disabled "A standard, commercialised barista training may not suit the needs of the people with disabilities, they may therefore find it hard to accomplish what they want to.” said Tony, Assistant Business Manager - Social Enterprises of New Life, who is in charge of the Inclusive Coffee Academy programme and a barista training tutor.

He said: "Instead, so330’s Inclusive Coffee Academy is tailored to their special needs, which allows them to work according to their pace and style. Without any hierarchy, everyone at so330 are simply all trying their best to help the disabled reconnect to the society through coffee.”

A cup of coffee here offers not only the finest taste as a beverage, but also the affection and kindness deep within. You are most welcome to visit us and experience it on your own, and we look forward to hearing more inspiring stories from you too!

About so330 Inclusive Coffee Academy

Details: The programme offers professional barista skills training specifically to people with disabilities and the underprivileged for them to regain career opportunities and reconnect with the society. Through nurturing the "Inclusive baristas”, it also aims to promote the body, mind and spirit wellness, as well as disability inclusion.

Course recommendation: Introductory (experimental) course (2 hours); Barista skills training (24 hours); Inclusive barista (27 hours)

Course model: NGOs or charitable organizations are welcome to discuss details of collaboration, e.g.: customised sessions; Corporate or individual sponsorships for underprivileged participation are welcome.

Registration and enquiry: 22317500(Miss AU)

About so330

New Life developed the "330” brand that conceptualises the essence of Body (3) Mind (3) Spirit (0) well-being to enhance our mission in raising public awareness of a personal holistic well-being. We have launched various social enterprise projects over the years, including cafe330, inno330 and farmfresh330. so330 is one of the latest initiatives by New Life in 2021. The "so” in its name carries the meaning of both "social enterprise” and "social missions”: to provide jobs and training opportunities for the people in recovery, promote social inclusion, and enhance public awareness of mental health. On top of that, "so” ’s another meaning of "very” further highlights its theme as a place that is "very conscious of Body, Mind, and Spirit well-being”.

Venue: Shop A-C, G/F, Tai Yuen Court, 38 Tai Yuen Street, Wan Chai, HK
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 08:00am - 6:00pm
Sat, Sun & Public Holiday: 11:00am - 6:00pm
Contact: 2393 0426