Red Dates and Longan Pudding


Ingredients:  Serving:
Snow fungus 1 pc
Dried longan 5 pcs
Red dates 3 pcs
Osmanthus 1 tbsp
Gelatinous powder 1 tbsp
Water 1000ml



  1. Cut the Snow Fungus into small piece, dried longan cut on half, take away the seeds.
  2. With Boiled water, add dried longan, Snow Fungus and Osmanthus. Then, wait for 10 mins.
  3. Then, stir in Gelatinous powder.
  4. Mixture can be put into mold. Refrigerate until set.


Portion exchange (1 small cup)

Vegetable      2 portions

Fruit              1 portion



Recipe provided by:  Centre for Nutritional Studies, School of Public Health and Primary Care, Faculty of Medicine, CUHK