To Review Key Information about Well-being in the Fifth Wave of Pandemic

The recent pandemic condition of Hong Kong is getting worse, especially with the Omicron variant virus, has forced the majority of residents to work or study from home. To guarantee the health of ourselves and the families, we may keep updating government announcement on pandemic, and go for testing at the Community Testing Center when necessary, which may take hours for the result. If the residential location has positive cases, the whole area may be locked down for several days, therefore sufficient food and daily goods must be prepared at home in advance. In such process, the massive information about pandemic may bring anxiety, tiredness or helplessness to our lives which may exert complexity and great pressure to our body and mentality.

Adjust our Mind Set and Learn to Live with Anxiety

Nevertheless, we are not able to change the fact that the pandemic may not end soon, but we may always make attempt to adjust our mind set to retain our own physical and mental health. Under the fifth wave of the pandemic, New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (New Life) specially shares the well-being tips here again and hope to help everyone learn to live with anxiety. Our Clinical Psychological service team suggests that we should classify the anxiety on us into categories, controllable and uncontrollable. For controllable issues, we may deliberate in a systematic way and list out several potential solutions, and adopt the one with the most feasibility for execution. For the uncontrollable issues, there is unnecessity to kick them out immediately. In addition, the following approaches may also be helpful to relieve anxiety:

  • To take better care of yourself in daily life
  • To participate in activities that entertain yourself
  • To relax your well-being by doing or Yoga

However, if those anxiety or negative emotions has severely affected your life, we suggest you seek professional help sooner, such as the eGPS service by New Life. Our Psychological Wellbeing Officers will guide you through the study and practice procedure of emotional management, in order to assist you to overcome difficult time in an easier way.

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Mindfulness Exercises at Home Give Yourself a 330 Micro Break

Occasionally, worry or anxiety may visit us. In those moment, taking a deep breath and calm ourselves down to clarify the incidence is necessary. When facing the uncontrollable issues, we may simply accept the existence of those negative thoughts and emotions, and shift our attention onto our body parts to find out the source of pressure. Then, through practicing abdominal respiration we focus back on physical senses to stabilize the mind.

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Well-being Tips: Five Ways to Well-being

Staying home to avoid pandemic gives us more time to get along with ourselves, therefore besides mindfulness exercise, New Life Clinical Psychologist Dr. Candic POWELL also provides the 5 tips to keep ourselves well mentally and physically.

1. To Remain Connected with People  Although physical contact with friends and families has been seriously reduced, technology has made our connection with people we love and care more convenient. A simple message of greeting, a phone call or video call could be great support and company to each other in adversity.
2. To Continue Studying to Perfect Yourself Constantly ‘Being Trapped’ at home for too long would be boring. We may try to set up a small goal to achieve, such as finishing a book, learning to cook a new dish. They do not only to enrich daily life, but also gear you up with new skills.
3. To be Mindful to Your Emotional State When you realize that negative emotions such as anxiety, uneasiness, anger or agitation arises in your mind, you may take a deep breath and shift your focus toyour physical sense and try to find out in which part of the body those emotions are stored and give more care to that specific body part.
4. To Help People in Need During the pandemic, besides protecting ourselves and families, we may also stretch the helping hands to those around us and to share our surplus goods to people in need
5. To Do Moderate Physical Exercises Moderate exercises is necessary to keep us well physically and mentally. We can do some simple exercises for a while daily at home.


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