Non-negligible Work Pressure Affecting Body and Mental Health

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As a working professional, Linda has been restless in the business world for decades. Along with the high position in a big company as reward comes with heavy workload and intensive pressure. Linda is a perfectionist, especially at work. To pursue the best results, Linda did not only have to stay late in the office, but the work always went home with her. The tasks for the next day also liked to linger over in her head even when she was trying to lay on bed and get some sleep.

High Pressure Eventually Ringing the Bell

Linda rarely spared enough attention to her body and mental wellbeing besides work. And then one day she finally realized that she was really ‘sick’. ‘I felt very uncomfortable. My heart and stomach ached sometimes. I was nervous every day since the moment I stood at the platform of MTR on the way to work. The worst case was that such feeling extended to weekends. My insomnia happened more frequently. I knew there was something wrong with me.’ said Linda.

To find out the problem, Linda went to see a general practitioner. After body examination, the doctor pointed out that the problem was mainly caused by high pressure rather than physical sickness. From that moment, Linda began to notice that the physical discomfort was brought by her addiction to pressurized and rigid work mode.

Linda began to search for various psychological support services online. Unfortunately, most of the services did not satisfy her needs, such as service time conflicts with her work schedule, or meeting location was too far away from work or home, high cost, long waiting time for the first appointment, etc. By chance, she discovered the ‘Jockey Club eGPS Psychological Service’ (eGPS Service). She joined the program with no hesitation after knowing that the only criteria was to fill out the online form to be assessed and the sessions could be carried out through phone call or video call conveniently.

Autonomous Service with More Flexibility

Not long after online assessment, Linda received a call from one of the Psychological Wellbeing Officer of New Life. Under his guidance, Linda learned to analyse her anxiety: which one is actual and which one is hypothesis. And she finally managed to fine exit for all her accumulated pressure. For better care of her body and mind, Linda chose to study a few courses, such as mindfulness and cognitive behavior therapy. The constant study internalizes the new thoughts of Linda and make changes of her behavioral pattern.

Before taking the service, Linda felt uncomfortable if she would have to ask for leave to attend the session. It would not only affect her work, but also arouse questions from colleagues that she was in serious psychological illness. Luckily, the flexibility of eGPS provides assurance that the time and modes of the sessions can be arranged according to her timetable and preference.

Now Linda has experienced the benefit of positively facing her anxiety and taking good care of her wellbeing under the help of our services. Her body also sends her positive reaction by reducing the times of discomfort. Retrieving work-life balance, Linda encourages other people who are struggling with work pressure to seek solution to the problem in a proper way without prejudice. ‘Work gives every one of us pressure. It is motivation in a good way, but it brings damages to our body and mind if it is too much. We need to have better understanding of ourselves and open up our mind to solutions. If we have problems that we cannot solve by our own, we should reach out.’ said Linda.

About Jockey Club eGPS Psychological Service

Funded by Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the eGPS Service not only provide evidence-based psychological intervention for individuals who are suffering from mild to moderate emotional distress, but also provide programs and intervention for those who are interested in enhancing their wellbeing or those who need a psychological intervention a higher intensity.

To know more about eGPS Service, please browse the following website: or make a call to 3188-2550 for further consultancy.