Love Yourself

To each and every care-giver:

Imagine that one day, your friend shares with you that her son had just suffered from a serious disease. For the last few months, she had been busy visiting hospital with him, and been cautiously taking good care of his daily life while at home. Simultaneously she had to deal with the families’ emotions. She was exhausted and failed to sleep well. And the progress at work fell way behind due to too many leaves...

How would you feel after listening all of these? And what would you say, or do for her?

We are very likely to raise a compassionate heart to other with difficulty, and we are never niggardly of comforting words, ‘It is really hard for you’ or ‘You must be feeling so difficult.’ And to close friends and families, a warm hug may work better.

However, as a care-giver, have you ever truly given concern yourself? In most cases, we tend to be stuck in busyness and ignore our own needs. We have been so used to forcing ourselves to deal with problems and overlooking the genuine demand and all the negative emotions accumulated.

When facing difficulties, this is the exact moment you need the most to show selflove and self-care. Settling yourself is always prior to make better plan for the family. We invite you to spare time facing your feelings and showing kindness to yourself during difficult situation. It could be to show understanding, say positive words, give a best wish or take actions pacifying yourself. At the same time, please be reminded that every carer had felt helplessness and made mistake when going through difficulties. You are not alone.

We encourage you to spare time on your own and be yourself again instead of being a care-giver. Take real action to look after yourself, such as enjoying a massage, a dipping bath or simply a good sleep. You may also take part in activity that you can devote thoroughly into it and be rejuvenated. Try to pick up some old hobbies again or open yourself up to something new. Challenges usually recharge our lives.

Taking care of a person could be a long-term role. Difficulties and challenges would come up from time to time. Only if you care about yourself becomes normality, may the path be easier, stay longer on this path and ultimately love yourself and the families.