Let's join hands to combat the pandemic

As Hong Kong continues to reel from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, our body and mind could be more exhausted than ever by the overwhelming pandemic-related information, as well as the extra care we pay to our own health. In fact, it is essential for us to reserve certain time and space from our daily routine for a "330 micro break”, to take care of not only our body (3), but also our mind (3) and spirit (0). A strong and sustained mental health is key to the well-being of ourselves and the people around us


"330 Tips”

Research indicated that taking micro breaks for some of our favourite activities could help relax ourselves from everyday stress and therefore exert a positive influence on our body (3), mind (3) and spirit (0) well-being. You are encouraged to practice the 330 micro break with reference to the evidenced "5 ways to well-being”, developed by the New Economics Foundation (the NEF) in the UK.


Take notice - With a curious mind, be aware of your own emotion and status

"330 micro break” amid the pandemic - Six mindful practices

Click here for the "Protect your mind amid pandemic” series

Be active - Stretching and regular exercise

Click here to watch the "Mindful Stretching Exercise” video

Serve and Give - Extra care for yourself and others as the pandemic persists

Genuine happiness comes from helping others. Apart from protecting ourselves and those we care for, let’s try to lend a helping hand to others in need, by sharing pandemic-related supplies if possible, and extend your care to friends and colleagues.


We can still try to connect with families and friends, and show our support to them through communication software, despite the fact that we may not be able to meet them in person at the moment. Here are a few New Life WhatsApp stickers you could use to express your care:

Keep learning

Be open to new hobbies, knowledge and even new goals. Fill your time with passion, satisfaction and sense of accomplishment. Mental Health Learning Hub: https://www.mhlearninghub.hk

eGPS Pandemic-specific counselling service 

Acquiring techniques to manage your emotions is beneficial to your long term well-being. Funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, New Life launched a three-year "eGPS” service programme in September 2021. In the latest fifth wave of pandemic, eGPS offers evidence-based mental health therapies to those who have been adversely affected by the pandemic.

On top of therapies including 1:1 Guided Self-Help Treatment, Psychotherapy Group, Wellness Recovery Action Plan and evidence-based high-intensity therapy groups, service users would also be introduced to additional treatments, subject to actual needs evaluated by the Psychological Well-being Officer.

To sign up, please click : https://bit.ly/3Mceucx
Know more about "eGPS” : https://www.egps.hk/
Mental health Q&As with Clinical Psychological Service team
Anxiety and nervousness have been deepening within the society as a result of a huge number of confirmed cases, "ransacked" supermarkets after rumours for potential lockdown, and the overwhelming pandemic-related information, all of these negative factors would make you at a loss.
In response to this situation, the Clinical Psychological Service team from New Life has launched the "Mental health Q&As”. You are welcome to submit your mental health-related questions through the below online form and stay tuned for the service team’s response and recommendations on our social media platform.
Submit your questions: https://bit.ly/35WfSiH
New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/NewLifePsychiatricRehabilitationAssociation